Hi! I’m Melinda, and I’m a digital artist who loves books and writing. I began my career as a graphic designer & illustrator in advertising agencies, and I shifted into the computer games industry and became a pre-production illustrator and 3d artist for pc and console games (Xbox, Playstation, etc). I now classify myself generically as a digital artist, working as a graphic designer who uses illustration, 2D design, & 3D skills.

When I finally gave myself permission to write, I discovered the wonderful world of indie books, and I’ve met some GREAT people through the community. Now I’m channeling my experience into designing book covers and loving how much it feels ‘the right fit’. (And I’m writing an epic trilogy, of course!)

With each of my designs, no matter what the budget, I first ask of myself to allow it to come from a place of inspiration. I want to make covers for you that I would happily use myself. Different tastes aside, how can I expect you to be excited about a design if I’m not?

This is a critical starting point, because this is when the best outcomes happen for both of us.

Take care, and I hope you enjoy my site!

~Melinda  🙂