Pre-made Cover Design Suggestion Box

Yes! You can make a suggestion via the Pre-made Cover Suggestions Form, below.
If—and I stress if—I think your requirements make a good pre-made cover for authors in general, I might add it to my list. To increase your chances, stick to a couple of important thematic details and don’t get too off-genre. For example, if I’ve got a shape-shifter cover depicting a guy and a wolf, but you’re after a black-haired, brown-eyed woman and a wolf, I’ll definitely consider it.
Bear in mind it will be treated the same as a normal pre-made cover. I will solely determine its graphic presentation, and to be fair, it will be on offer to everybody and require the pre-made cover ordering process. In turn, you’re under no obligation to order it when it’s released. Stay tuned for updates on future releases. If you see your suggestion and still want it, I recommend you inquire straight away.

I’ll be adding a generic poll on preferred fiction genres soon.


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