Pre-made ebook cover pricing

Pre-made Ebook Cover Pricing

Pricing for pre-made ebook covers varies according to the work involved for each cover. In case someone has reserved a cover just before you and I haven’t had a chance to update the site, I will confirm with you via email the availability.

The cover pricing is divided into two general categories:

Standard Pre-made Range
Pricing: between $49 USD and $89 USD.
Budget pre-made covers generally have one or two stock shots with typography added. The higher priced covers in this category will have image manipulation, compositing, added graphical treatment and/or more time spent on typography.

I carefully choose stock photography that depicts a genre theme quite well or has strong conceptual merit as a stand-alone image.
The trade-off is that the lowest-priced covers tend to be the least original – there’s a chance someone else will use the same stock shot for their book, albeit presented differently.

Premium Pre-made Range
Pricing: between $90 USD and $175 USD.
The covers in this range will typically combine 2 to 7 graphical elements [stock shots, vector graphics, illustration, 3D art] and/or use complex compositing, graphics work or typography effects.
I carefully composite all elements to make the image blend as well as possible; my goal is to give your ebook cover the appearance of an entirely created artwork that could sit among trade books and look just as professional. This involves screening and test-running stock shots for best compatibility, image manipulation, and changes to each image’s lighting, contrast and colour to make the characters and elements appear to belong in the one scene.

A premium pre-made cover might also be extremely original, or it might have a striking and memorable concept, providing additional value.

I still price this range at a very good rate to make it accessible to indie ebook authors.