Printed Covers

I can create a paperback cover for you if your ebook is/was made by me.

Chat to me about your graphical requirements for the back flap and spine, your aspect ratio, and if there are adjustments needed on the front cover. I’ll get back to you with a quote.

Text is generally larger on ebooks due to the small display size on screen, but in many cases it needs to be shrunk for print books. Otherwise it can look clunky and unsophisticated.

Incidentally, if you’re making your own paperback cover from any ebook, print it out on A4 paper at actual size to check how it looks. See if your text still needs to be scaled down.

To keep the cost of a print cover down, choose the 6:9 ratio, as it’s closest to your ebook cover. Please provide measurements for your trim size, including your spine, (following CreateSpace guidelines) before I commence.

It’s okay to let me know you’ll be wanting a print cover version but you haven’t finalised the spine width. I know what it’s like to edit to the last minute! However, any changes to your book length can affect the spine. I’ll hold off on commencing, but I can at least think about cover elements in the meantime, and it always helps to give me a heads up of upcoming work. 🙂