Here’s some frequently asked questions or points you might need clarified.

Will my pre-made ebook cover be used again for someone else?

Certainly not the cover as the complete artwork itself. I may in some cases use elements of the stock image/s again, but not in the same way. For instance, if a whole stock shot or model forms the major part of your cover (typically those in the low budget range) I won’t use the shot in exactly the same way in someone else’s cover. I may use aspects of it, crop in on a section, or change its colour or graphic treatment. Elements I would more commonly re-use are props or genre-typical features, like angel wings, swords, and spell books. However the cover overall would be unique.

What specifications will my ebook cover be?
You will find the specs for each cover on the information page, because their largest available format varies. They’re at least 1600×2400 pixels, and all are 300 dpi, with the standard generic ratio (very close to 6:9 ratio) that works on all the major ebook retailers. I don’t web-compress the version I send you. I want you to have the option to use your image for a variety of purposes, and therefore I want to retain image quality.

If you need a smaller version saved at a particular pixel size or compressed to under a certain file size, let me know and l’ll save a copy for you. To change the ratio of a pre-made cover requires graphical changes and will incur a fee.
Custom ebook covers are created at the same 6:9 ratio, but I’ll happily do a different ratio if you let me know before I commence.
I can give you a jpg or a png format. Png is a larger file size but higher quality, so if you’re capable of resizing your image and saving out a jpg, choose the png.

How fast can I get my pre-made ebook cover?

I’ll send the preliminary image usually within 1-3 days of me processing your order – including receiving email confirmation of your text. I don’t start before the text is confirmed. If I’m ridiculously busy or stuck up a tree while trying to rescue a kitten, I’ll discuss my time frame with you. If you have a deadline, let me know when you first contact me and I’ll see what I can do.

What payment methods and currency do you accept?

I accept payments via Paypal. You don’t have to own a Paypal account to use its service, which is super. I’ll send you a money request, and you can follow the link to make your secure payment. I’ll look into adding Google Checkout soon.
Because the indie author market is international, my prices are set in USD.

I haven’t decided if I want a particular pre-made cover or not. Will you reserve it for me?

I reserve pre-made covers for 48 hours after I email you in response to your submitted order. My reservation time is limited to prevent ‘parking’. This is where people reserve a cover for an extended period (or repeatedly) purely so no one else can have it while they make up their mind.
While I still very much appreciate any interest in a cover, I feel the fairest system is one where the cover goes to the person who has made up their mind. The reservation period is designed to give a person time to process their deposit.

Do I own the stock images and graphics in my cover?

No. You own shared usage rights (with me only) to the ebook cover image that I’ve created for you as a complete, distinct artwork.

If your design contains stock photography, you’ll need to adhere to their standard royalty-free usage licences. Stock libraries vary slightly in their licence terms. For instance, Bigstock allows unrestricted digital books and up to 250,000 print copies, while iStock has a higher cap of 500,000 but for both ebook and print impressions. They’re pretty big numbers, but something you must keep in mind.

If you get to that scale of usage, well, first of all, congratulations! Secondly, contact me and I will send you information and links to your stock images. You may be required to purchase an extended license by the stock library, which will be a nominal investment at that stage, and  it will allow you to do more fabulous marketing things with your image/s while you crack open the champagne.

My usage to the artwork is restricted to discreet promotional purposes for Indie Books Covered (see the ‘promotional purposes’ question below).

Also note that any concepts I personally conceive for cover artwork remain rightfully mine and are signature to me as an artist.
To keep ebook prices at an accessible level for indie authors, I only charge for what you need to sell your book – cover art. I don’t charge for my concept and development of it – only the time it takes to create the artwork that results from it. In the design and advertising industry, exclusive rights to a concept is a whole different league in pricing.

However, my intention is not to churn out cover after cover with an identical concept; it is to clarify that if I have another personal medium in which I’d like to explore my concepts or I want to evolve some aspect of a concept in a different way for a book cover, I can rightfully do so.

Can you make changes to the images in a pre-made ebook cover?

Run it by me, and I’ll let you know if it’s possible and how much it will cost. If a pre-made cover suits your style and story wonderfully except for one contradicting thing, it’s worth discussing what we can do.

I desperately want chocolate right now. What do I do?

Race down to the store before they close.

I can’t afford a custom cover, but I don’t see a pre-made that fits the genre, character or theme of my story. What can I do???

Make a suggestion via the Pre-made Cover Design Suggestion Box.
If—and I stress if—I think your requirements make a good pre-made cover for authors in general, I will add it to my list. To increase your chances, stick to a couple of important thematic details and don’t get too off-genre. For example, if I’ve got a shape-shifter cover depicting a guy and a wolf, but you’re after a black-haired, brown-eyed woman and a wolf, I’ll definitely consider it.
Bear in mind it will be treated the same as a normal pre-made cover. I will solely determine its graphic presentation, and to be fair, it will be on offer to everybody and require the pre-made cover ordering process. In turn, you’re under no obligation to order it when it’s released. Stay tuned for updates on future releases. If you see your suggestion and still want it, I recommend you inquire straight away.

Will my pre-made cover still appear on the site after I purchase it?

Once we’ve processed your payment, I remove the cover from public view and give you a password to view your cover’s page. For future, I’m considering having a folio, where I can add your actual book cover and link to either your author blog or the ebook retailer site of your choice. I’d be happy to help send people to your book.

Will my ebook cover be used for promotional purposes for Indie Books Covered?

Possibly, yes. A folio of work is critical to offering a graphic design service. If I use your cover for promotional purposes, I will do so discreetly as well as respectfully of your book and you as an author. Again, I’ll make no distinction between a custom cover and a pre-made, and I’m happy to hold off until after your launch date – but you must let me know first.
Most of my promotion will simply be my folio on my site or on social media albums. In that case, I’ll mutually promote you by linking your image to the site you’ve supplied for my folio page. If you prefer a different link, let me know.
For any major promotion, I’ll ask your permission. The benefit is that your book will be promoted too! And it means I think your cover is one of my best. 🙂
Also, IBC might promote your book (once it’s on sale/officially launched) by tweeting and sharing via social media or giving your book an endorsement in some way.

I want a custom cover using a particular stock image I’ve found. Will you use it?

(Please note that I’m not currently offering custom covers as a service) Yes, but only after we first make sure it works with all other aspects of your concept, if needed. Don’t purchase the image yet – send me a link or download the ‘comp’ version (watermarked).
If I can access the photo because I have credits with the same library, it’s free of charge. If I don’t, either buy the image yourself or I will buy it and add the cost to the quote. If you want to buy it, we have to chat first about which size you need.

I want to continue a series based on my pre-made cover. Will the next covers be pre-made or custom?

At this stage, I’m currently not offering custom covers as a service, however, I will discuss options to create further books based on the same design of your premade.

Do you think I’ve got the stamina to read War & Peace?

If you’ve made it this far in my FAQ, yes, yes you do. 🙂