Indie Books Covered is OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED!!

Yes, we’re up!
Crack open the champagne and hang the pinata, my little baby is officially birthed! There’s still some adjustments and snipping to be done. I’ll be smoothing out any site issues over the coming week. If you see anything, let me know!


Image belongs to Magical Daydream


Speaking of pinatas, I found this lovely gem. Personally, I can’t imagine beating a unicorn to smithereens to celebrate my site opening. It’s kinda like making a baby seal pinata for Green Peace.

But it’s so CUTE. Click the image if you want the instructions.
Okay, virtual party activities aside, welcome to my site! Feel free to browse my pre-made ebook cover categories. I currently don’t have a huge range, but I’ll be adding more over the coming weeks.

~Melinda 🙂




Site under construction

Welcome! Indie Books Covered is officially opening this weekend! Unless you’re mesmerised by vast white spaces, please visit again very soon. 🙂